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Doing business in Indonesia

It is interesting to see what has changed, and what has not, in the past 23 years, because 23 years ago, I was seconded to Jakarta by a law firm now widely known as ‘Dentons’. In those days, it was ‘Denton Hall’; and some years prior to that, when I joined them, it went by the even longer name ‘Denton Hall, Burgin & Warrens’! Foreign … Continue reading Doing business in Indonesia

Foreign Investment in Emerging Markets

Let’s suppose you are advising the owner of a business, who would like to take advantage of business opportunities in an unfamiliar market in the so-called ‘developing world’. It is probable that one of the first things the business owner will want to do, is learn about the market itself: the demographics in that market, the size of the population, its buying-power and GDP, the … Continue reading Foreign Investment in Emerging Markets